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Living in West London we are so lucky to have such fantastic landmarks on our doorstep not to mention the abundance of free museums.

We decided to plan a family outing to the Science museum in South Kensington and with Kensington Gardens just around the corner we added in a trip to the Diana memorial playground.

This playground is great for children of all ages with a giant ship surrounded by sand as the centerpiece, children are free to run wild with the safety of knowing that adults have to be accompanied by a child to enter. Once we had prized Evelyn away we took a stroll down to the lake to marvel at the swans swimming around happily, then on to the science museum.

If you haven’t taken your toddler to the science museum then I suggest you do, they have an interactive area called The Garden located in the basement especially designed for children, with water play, giant stacking blocks and much much more. Evelyn had the best time and even enjoyed looking at the spaceships and car exhibits that maybe designed for older children.

We all had such a great day and it was all totally free, you cant ask for better than that.

Evelyn’s 02nd Birthday

A Letter to our darling Evelyn,

How are you two already? It only seems like yesterday that we were wrapping you up to make that first journey home from the hospital.

This year has seen you become a big sister and we could not be prouder of the way you have adapted to having to share mummy and daddy’s time. Not once have you been jealous or spiteful to your baby sister, you have shown her noting but love, helping to fetch things to change her nappy and telling us when she is crying (like we did not know)

You have gone from a crawling baby to a walking talking toddler with a cheeky sense of humor, you have such a kind and gentle nature but totally know your own mind and are fiercely independent. We are amazed at the new things you learn everyday and love watching you master new tasks with such strong determination.

You bring so much joy into our lives and we are better people because of you. We cannot wait to see what this next year in your little life holds.

We love you to bits,

Mummy and Daddy xxx

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Halloween baking with a toddler.

Baking is a passion of mine and I never thought I would be using a packet mix but when you have children these box mixes are a lifesaver on a rainy day.

Evelyn loves to bake and get messy, it’s really hard as a parent to let go and just let them enjoy the experience. Every inch of me is trying to control the mess but you do have to remember that although the cakes may not win the Great British bake off, to Evelyn they are a masterpiece

Hope you enjoy this video

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Books for a Toddler

So our little girl is a real book worm, she loves being read to and you will often find her sitting down looking at a book by herself.

We are always on the hunt for  inspiration for new books, so thought we would share some of her favourites right now.

Please let us know what your children enjoy to read.

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A little about us

We are passionate about capturing family life and making memories we can treasure for a lifetime. We enjoy exploring new places and making every day an adventure. We want to try and share our own personal experiences of motherhood, fatherhood and everything in between.

Please join us as a family on our journey of trying to be the best that we be. We will we sharing with you the trials and tribulations of bringing up our children whilst trying to have loads of fun, experiences and trying to maintain our sanity! along the way.

Additional to documenting our lives we will be posting reviews and tutorials on all sorts of things that we use and do throughout each day.







Daddy & Daughter Pumpkin Carving

Daddy daughter time, there is nothing better.

Working full time i really do treasure these moments we get together, just the two of us.

We picked our pumpkin at Garsons Farm (if you haven’t seen that video please see the link below). We could not wait to get started on carving our designs. We had a great time. Hope you enjoy watching
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Morning at the Bunny Park

Just a trip to the park….. except it’s not just a trip to the park, to a child it’s a world of adventure and excitement, exploring new places and being free to run and jump.

This was a normal Saturday, we decided to go out and get some fresh air in our lungs (well as fresh as it gets in London anyway) the bunny park is a park in West London that has animals, play park and an exciting maze and that’s exactly how Evelyn found it exciting!!! She loved running round the maze with daddy hot on her tail and marvelled at the sight of new animals. It truly is amazing to see the world through your children’s eyes, the pure excitement they see in the ordinary things we take for granted.

The sun was shining and Orla was still fast asleep so we stopped for a coffee and a snack in the little coffee shop.

We decided not to push our luck and knew Orla would be waking soon for a feed so decided to head home, needless to say we didn’t quite make it back to the car when she woke, so breastfeeding in the passenger seat it was. Then off home we went with two sleeping babies (results)

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Evelyn’s Birthday Trip to Peppa Pig World

So anyone that has a toddler will know the joys of Peppa pig. For a while there I thought that Peppa might pass us by, but then in a flick of a switch there we were submerged in all things Peppa and booking tickets to Peppa pig world.

So off we went with our almost two year old,  four week old baby and my sister for backup (clare you’re an angel) it took us 1hr 30min to drive there from West London.

We booked our tickets online a few days before as it works out a little cheaper, children under 1 metre go free (so make sure you measure your little ones before booking) I was slightly worried that being under a meter tall may mean that she was not aloud on most of the rides but in actual fact there is only one ride (George’s Dinosaur Adventure) that has a height restriction.

Peppa pig world is the perfect size for little feet, and everything is within a short walking distance. There is 7 rides with other attractions such as Peppas house, grandpa pigs house and granddad dogs garage. The park has an indoor and outdoor play area and a water area for use in warmer weather. If you want to meet your favourite characters there is certain times of the day you can queue up and get a picture taken, although queues can be really long, alternatively they walk round the park and you can meet them then. There is a big toyshop selling all things Peppa, if your looking to pick up a gift for your little one then this is the place to go.

The park opens at 10am that is when we arrived and is definitely worth getting there for then, as the rides are a little less busy. The longest we had to wait for a ride was 35 minutes and with a toddler that does not get the concept of waiting it felt like a lifetime lol!!, she did bolt her way through the crowded line of people with me chasing her tail, needless to say the reins came out after that. I know some people are divided on there opinion of using reins but for me in crowded situations like that it’s a must, giving them a little freedom and not having to hold there hands knowing they are totally safe.

Peppa pig world is part of Paultons Park which has other rides and attractions to enjoy and I would definitely check it out while your there as it is far less busy and some of the rides had no queues at all, mostly likely because they were not Peppa themed, but Evelyn enjoyed them just a much and we enjoyed not having to pacify her in the long queues.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink and you can even stop at miss rabbits ice-cream ice cream parlour, having a child that is dairy free we could not enjoy these as there was not a dairy free option available. We took a packed lunch and there are lots of picnic benches and places to sit and eat. Baby changing, bottle warming and baby feeding areas are available throughout the park. We bought our double buggy and it was fine to get around, you can park them up almost anywhere if you wanted to go on the rides.

We had a great day and had a very happy and very tired toddler going home, a day well spent.

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Introduction to our You Tube Channel

So we have taken the leap into the world of blogging and vlogging, The main reason we have decided to do this is that we hope to gather as much of our lives on video as possible so when we are old and grey we can look back and really remember all the good times.

Anyone that knows as know that we are not looking for fame or that small fortune we just want to do something interesting thats going to influence us to capture all the moments of our family life.

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Hannah, John, Evelyn and Orla